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The future of Nekotachi~

Regarding Updates:
In other news, cause I hate doing large updates (it can suck up an entire weekend) I plan to do batches of little updates (10-20 doujinshi at a time). So the updates will be more frequent, though they will be smaller.

Regarding Stock:
Also, I've stopped ordering new doujinshi for the site. (I actually stopped ordering back in Sept 2006 >_>) Due to drastically waning sales, it seemed the prudent move. XD For those of you with loads of Nekotachi Rewards points, not to worry, I may have not ordered much in 2007 (only 2 orders and 85% for me <3) but I ordered like a freak in 2006, so I still have a few hundred doujinshi (400-600?) to put up on the site.

However, that means that the only restocks are doujinshi I already ordered back in 2006... so if you see something you like, you might want to snag it.

Regarding Yaoi Goods:
Some of you might be wondering, will I close Nekotachi? The answer is 'Most likely not'. I will be branching out in other areas of yaoi goods (such as manga, post cards, trading cards, clear files, etc) so while I may not order more doujinshi till I've sold most of what I still have, there won't be any lack of yaoi goodness at Nekotachi. XD

Some of you may have already noticed that I've added some trading cards to the site already. (namely Loveless and Yamane Ayano) Please note that those cards are buy 6, get the 7th free. ;) So if you buy 6, in the "Add Comments About Your Order" box, type in the # of the 7th card you want free.

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