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Payment/Shipping Info... Question & Comments [Mar. 27th, 2010|11:36 am]

Anonymous posting has been disabled for all recent (and will also be for all future) posts except for this post. If you have any questions you wish to post anonymously, you may post them here.

One such anonymous post and my reply was moved (copy/pasted) moved here.

Payments accepted: All types of Paypal
(sorry, starting in April, I will ONLY accept well-concealed cash, or Postal MO from a buyer if I have sold to them before. Frankly, I'm tired of giving out my address to people only to have them flake out. Four times in a row just sucks a bit too much >_>)

Shipping: all shipping quotes include insurance from DSI Insurance.

1 doujinshi = $4,     2 doujinshi = $5,    3-6 doujnshi (5 max if one is extra thick) $6

1-6 doujinshi (5 max if one is extra thick) = $10

*Other International:
1-6 doujinshi (5 max if one is extra thick)= $12

*Sorry, I've realized I've had less and less time to actually go to a Post Office, so I mainly use Paypal shipping (where a carrier comes to my house at 7AM -_-' to pick up my packages), of which Global Priority Flate Rate is best and cheapest for International shipping

All doujinshi are individually bagged and are sandwiched (2 pieces of cardboard) to protect against bends and creases and wrapped with foam sheet to prevent against dents.

If you have any questions or comments, you can post them here. All comments will be screened for your privacy. (so you can post contact info if you want)

You can view my Ebay feedback here though I mainly sell doujinshi off my sales site.

[User Picture]From: neko_tachi
2007-03-28 10:55 pm (UTC)

Re: This was posted by some helpful? person anonymously

Another reply:

Re: insuring
2007-03-28 10:55 pm UTC (link) DeleteFreezeScreenTrack This Select
Oh, in case you really *are* trying to help me and are warning me of DSI Insurance not following up and paying on claims, please email me at nekotachi.net@gmail.com with your experience, since I would of course be interested in it. I've been looking on the Ebay forums and have not turned up anything yet. By the way, I did not delete your previous comment, I screened it and moved it to the appropriate post. (the one for questions and comments *cough*)
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